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Our training can help you reach your organization’s data governance goals and gain newly found confidence in your decision making. Join one of our upcoming courses to find out how.


Public Sector Data Governance Training & Certification Course

Our course is designed to help train members of your workforce to properly prepare and curate data so that analysts and data scientists can focus their time leveraging data inputs to solve important mission questions. Through our partnership with the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP), we can offer foundational training that is conceptual (not technical) in nature and gives your workforce an understanding of the governance framework in a federal agency. Our Public Sector Data Governance training introduces the terminology and concepts of ethics and security, data governance roles and responsibilities, legal and regulatory regimes, metadata management and curation, and key deliverables of a public sector data governance program.

The cost of the three-day Public Sector Data Governance Training and Certification course is $1,495 and includes the proctored ICCP certification exam on day three of the course.

This training is available as an in-person, instructor led course or a virtual, instructor-led course, and is offered various times throughout the year. Please contact our Data Governance Program Manager, Michaela Caudill ( for information on needs assessment surveys & dedicated training courses.


Public Sector Data Governance Training & Certification Course

By completing our virtual two-day instructor-led mentoring workshop, which is tailored to include in-depth case studies relevant to the participant's own data governance environment, current Mastery Level certification holders will be granted the Principal Level certification from ICCP.

While the certification based on the exam score signifies knowledge of fundamental data governance concepts, the Principal Level certification signifies applied data governance capabilities. Since the two-day workshop dives deep into a use case tailored to the participants’ data governance environment, it is an opportunity to apply concepts learned in the first course to constructing your own data governance solutions.

The cost of the two-day workshop is $1275 and is limited to three to five students to ensure individualized attention.


Dedicated Data Governance Training Customized For You

Does your organization or workforce have a unique situation that creates special data governance requirements? We are prepared to help you advance your data governance program by conducting needs assessments and/or creating and delivering custom-tailored training based on your organizational needs. By working closely with our Instructional Systems Designers to create training materials that address your specific needs, we can deliver effective training that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. We're able to develop both in-person training and web-based training (WBT) for our customers and look forward to helping your organization reach their data governance-based goals.

"This is an important course for sharing the public sector challenges and available frameworks for data governance programs. This course is a cornerstone for data literacy."

"This was a terrific use of time, well done!!! Great instructor knowledge and comfort. I hope to arrange similar training for others in my organization. Very Exciting!"

"Excellent Course. I especially liked the ability of participants to add their expertise to the discussion and references provided. This course provides a good foundation on which to continue to learn and explore data governance."

"This course sufficiently plants the Data Governance seed and gets one excited about diving into it more."

Who's going to benefit most from our training?

Chief Data Officers (CDOs)

We can help CDOs work through organizationally specific data governance challenges and aid in further advancing their respective data governance programs and missions.

Data Stakeholders

Our training can help your data stakeholders better understand the value of a strong data governance program, leading to real progress in data utilization, understanding, and decision making.

Data Owners, Stewards, and Curators

We help data owners, stewards, and curators better understand the importance of their role in advancing their organization's data governance program, bolstering responsibility, contributions, and program success.

Anyone Who Uses Data

Our training and events bring value to anyone who uses data! If you use data in your work or personal life, and we know you do, our training can help you better understand the value of that data and why having good data governance practices can help you!